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Interview Tips

April 19, 2009

Ideas Before the interview | During the interview | End of interview

The job interview is a primary and instinctive act of communication that allows the company to check the suitability of candidates for the position offered. The purpose of it, is to analyze the profile of the candidate: professional ability, temperament and social skills with which they are, their strengths and weaknesses before the other candidates. Why is so important what you say, not as what they say. Gestures, tone and form are often more important than the message itself. Interviewed for the job, the goal should be one: Among the other candidates. And to emphasize, for the same options, through their responses and gestures, with the encouragement of the discretion, efficiency and pragmatism. Before going to a job must meet a basic requirement.

Council before the job interview

1. Know thyself. The maxim of Socrates, and we studied. First, analyze your resume. Reflect and draw conclusions about your education, your experience, your abilities and how we can apply for the post applied for. Prepare a series of short and precise arguments to defend your weaknesses.

You have to be aware of three basic questions, you will motivate and focus the interview for the same:

  • What are my qualities and benefits to qualify for the job?
  • What led me to apply for the job and what I can bring to the company?
  • What factors may differentiate me from other candidates?.

2. Read about the company. Use the media or information requests to the company sector and activity, history and origin, workers in the workforce, nationwide / international, future plans, competitors, business volume.

3. Image / Appearance. You have to feel comfortable with your physical appearance and clothing that you post. Choose your clothes the day before, will help you save time and to visualize previously unforeseen. Dress semi-formal or formal, always proper to the philosophy of the company.

Never premieres clothing or shoes to attend a job interview. Fails to go with sunglasses, at least you do not see them put in charge of selection. A visit to the hairdresser the day before did not go amiss.

4. If you cite in writing the right thing is to contact by telephone or e-mail to confirm your attendance. If we are delayed for any reason, we would have to contact the company and to justify the delay or failure with solid arguments and justifiable.

5. Punctuality. Try going to the interview in the morning, give the impression that it is the most important day. Attend the interview with 10 minutes ahead of schedule, so you’ll have time to serenarte, causing an impression ahead and not try to hurry.

6. It is also important to attend solo / a, without any emotional support from family or friend. Why do not you need, you’re sure of your chances.

7. Do not smoke or chew gum while waiting for the time comes. Smoking, and it may be forbidden, denotes dependence, nervousness, and poor control of emotions.

8. Once you’ve entered the place of the appointment, wait for the recruiter you extend your hand and invite you to take a seat. You want to leave your belongings to one side, the important thing is to not disturb the conversation and invade the visual space and physical interviewer.



How would you define yourself ..? Definite five adjectives or qualities, and justification.

  • What do you think are your friends? What about your past co-workers?
  • Lists your scale of values.
  • Do you finish what you start?.
  • What has been the most important decision you’ve had to take in your life?
  • Tell me a story about your personal or professional life in which metieras “leg” to the fund or that successfully solved?. What extrajistes conclusions from that experience?

Creativity / Recreation.

  • What did you want to be little you? How do you imagine small / to the s. XXI?
  • How do you imagine your life in 5-10 years?
  • Were trying to plan your life or retail? Would you leave take the chance in your life? Do you like surprises?
  • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?. What are your hobbies? Do you like sports, reading, traveling? Why do you like?
  • What is last book you read? What book are you reading now? What do you recommend?. Books.
  • When was the last time you’ve gone to the cinema? What movie saw? Do you like?
  • What did last weekend? Where did you go on vacation this summer?. What if I went there?

Work environment.

  • If you were in my place and I was the one presented to the post, what qualities would have to meet to get elected? What does the company if you hire?
  • What kind of people do not stand? What people like you working?
  • Are you accustomed / to work in teams? Do you like teamwork?
  • What advantages or disadvantages think there is when working in teams? Do you find it difficult to adapt to a team already in place?
  • What about / of .. (or any news event of the day)?
  • Discuss with your environment (parents, spouses, friends) the impact of your work?

Apply knowledge and experience.

  • Why this race estuarine (philosophy, history, economic ..) this way, this post …? What attracted you racing?
  • Why abandon career studies? Are you going to continue or expand your studies in any way? What or who influenced you to choose your career?
  • Would you be willing to conduct a training course by the company before being hired for?
  • Were you or are these students until the last day not studying / ban for the exam?
  • Which of your previous work you like most / least? Why? What is the role?
  • What do you know about our company? What attracts you to her?
  • Would you be willing to move to another city, another country, or travel frequently?
  • Would you like to have a fixed schedule, or prefer to work where you do not know at the time you get home, or in which you do not know if tomorrow will be traveling?
  • Do you participate in other selection processes?
  • How do you think the interview has ido? What do I think of you after this interview?


As we know, first impressions can be definitive.

Non-verbal language. The language of gestures from the first seconds you can swing for or against your interview. This circumstance makes the gestural domain is essential. Although this is somewhat uncontrollable aspects, it is good that at least you know what qualities and defects of our interviewers monitored expression.

Greeting and eye contact.

Do not be his / the first to greet and extend a hand. Hello, smiling and staring into the eyes.

A fleeting glance or elusive adversely influence the value of your ability (excessive shyness, therefore, difficulty in integrating with other workers, therefore, lack of initiative in making future decisions …).

Pay attention to what you are saying and shows interest nodding to the explanations. Nor should we stop blinking like Anthony Hopkins in the saga of The Silence of the Lambs. Mouth shut. Confident and attentive.

Look directly into the eyes of the person you are interviewing, shows your confidence in your ability as a professional. Some people unconsciously look to the mouth by default. If you are one of those people, to look into the eyes of the interviewer. And remember do not smoke or chew gum. Politely rejects any offer to smoke, to taste sweet or for any drink. Sometimes, after your interview, you can accept the offer of a drink but not alcohol.

How to sit.

The position you should take should be upright, not rigid. The ideal is to keep the position and that of the impression that you feel comfortable a. Sit straight / a, or the edge of the chair or sofa (indecision, impatience) and stretching / a (lack of education and respect for the position requested, to the company and your partner). It seems a relaxed, if not have it, practical.

Do not lean your hands or elbows on the table at the interviewer. Respect their space.


Do not cross your arms as you know reveals defensive. It is important that it seems quiet.

Continuously touching the cheek, forehead, hair, bite their nails or lips, playing with a pen, reflects nervousness about the lack of arguments, and uncertainty with your picture and your abilities. Hands-free and quiet.

Verbal language.

From the welcome is to see your attitude towards the company and its representative. When the interviewer greets you and welcomes you in using the verbal formula that creates appropriate verbal greeting him back (following the rules mentioned in non-verbal language). “Good morning sir / A. Ruiz, Good morning sir / Martin …

Friendly tone.

When you offer a seat, we appreciate short and concise.

The interviewer has to take the lead in the questions. Take care and apply the nonverbal language and answer their questions firmly and with conviction. The answers have to be rich in nuances and diagnostics that reveal the way you act.

Do not wander or the interviewer let you stand it. If you do not understand a question, which asks if you can give a little more. Do not say you repeat it, because you can understand distraction. And you are sure to answer the question and bring to your answer.

It uses a vocabulary that you used to. If you use words or synonyms false response seem far-fetched and artificial.

Do not answer with monosyllables. Your affirmation or denial has to be accompanied by a brief comment or argument.

Questions politely refuses to invade your intimate aspects of private life. Such questions tend to value emotional control and your discretion.

Avoid the use of “Fillers” to express yourself. Do not use expressions like: “always, never,” or hose lines super, go to … or … “This …”,” good “… Moreover, the deduction spirit and unwieldy difficulty working in teams, denotes lack of vocabulary arguments and uncertainty. Submergence “often …”,” well …”, “also used to a. ..”

And the whole truth, not lie in your answers. Specialists in non-verbal communication detected only with turning a blind eye if their partner is lying or truthfully recreate an experience.


At the end of the interview, waiting again to take the lead recruiter.

Polite, applying the rules of non-verbal language. The recruiter will use the conventional formulas:
“We call it, we already have your resume and contact you …
“It was a pleasure ….”, answer politely. And wait …

And at home, the interview discusses evaluating the details you think may swing your decision to incorporate or not joining the company.

I just can’t help myself from posting this nice piece of art in my blog. I will like to get response from you:

Jodi Rabi Thakur Sector V

er Kormi Hoten !!

Rabindranath Tagor

Rabindranath Tagor


“…ma go amay chhuti dite bol,sokal theke code korchhi je mela…

ekhon ami verir dhare bose korbo shudhu adda-adda khela…

tumi bolchho ei office eli sobe,nahoy jeno satti holo tai…

ekdin o national holiday chhara,amder ki chhuti dite nai…

…ami to besh vabte pari mone,surji dube gechhe nolboner pase…

aro sob office er mayera ese vir jomabe verir dhare bose…

andhar holo sector-5,kalo hoye elo verir jol…

auto-bus-e barchhe dekhi vir,klanto deho shanti te chonchal…

.. .mone korona uthlo sanjher taara,mone koro na sandhye holo jeno…

asar time fixed jodi hobe,ferar somoy fixed hobe na keno??”

Result of WBSSC (West Bengal School Service Commission) 09 is expected to be published on June 2009. The cause of this unexpected delay can be surmised easily. Still floundering in dark, man this is the election time, time to make merry, time to be bold because we have to live in terror when this jamboree will be over.


I am back after a week of hectic work schedule. This is kind of relief for me to have a Sunday when I don’t have to run after an IT special bus to get down at Sector V. Another thing that tempts me more often then not through out the week is updating my favorite blog. Yes, this has become more or less a fascination for me to update the content on every Sunday.

Now come to the business. I have heard that the result of West Bengal School Service Commission (WBSSC) may publish on April. So we have to wait for anther forty five days because we have no other things to do. So keep waiting patiently because the only thing we can do at this time.

This is not a suggestion for the wannabe teachers, it is just a friendly suggestion from me because I have experienced similar kind of tantalizing and traumatizing thing one year back when I found my name listed in the waiting list despite giving my best effort and in spite of working hard. Few will succeed and a large number of examinees will have to face this brutal reality every year because it has become a universal truth.



Now what you can do at this critical moment? Simple, just chill. Obviously this is as easy as may sound but my friend you have to do that because this is the only thing you can do at this moment. Have good luck for WBSSC (West Bengal School Service Commission 2009) 2009.

This is going to be an unusual interpretation of this poem which has baffled many students of WBSSC through out the past few years.

Let’s have a look at it:

The Strange Meeting

The Strange Meeting

Strange Meeting is not the between the two rival soldiers. The dead soldier is not the German soldier or the rival soldier, he is the artistic rendition of the poet’s second elf or he is the doppelganger of the artistic mind of the poet. In fact, the poet was not wandering through the dark tunnels, instead he was trudging the dark allies of human mind where human consciousness is kept secret, where all the good qualities of man are quelled to prove his false patriotic idea.

But after death, one can comprehend the meaninglessness of war, he can no longer feel the fierce animosity of the rival soldier; he can see what lies behind the rosy mask of nationalism and patriotism. This is the reason why the first soldier asks him to sleep because there is nothing to do, nothing to happen. All is wasted, weathered and weaned away.